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The Jack & John Team

The ‘Jack & John’ team consists of English University professors and faculty members Mo Blackford, Christopher David, and Paizoolbasree.
Teachers of English are always on the lookout for engaging online video material and we found most of what is currently available to be dry, unimaginative and un-engaging for modern students.
We hit upon the idea of producing our own series of videos that would contain storylines, characters, humour and magic; in this way actively putting into practice the grammar content taught in each episode.


Christopher David

CD grew up in Northern California.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, a Master’s in Education, and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Psychology.  He has backpacked the Himalayas, studied abroad in Japan, competed in martial art competitions around the globe, and now resides in Thailand where he is a university lecturer of English.  He loves cats, sharing knowledge, and vegetables. 

Mo Blackford

Mo Blackford (from London, England), being the son of an Air Force father, found himself moving school every two or three years. A career in music saw him travelling the globe alongside a variety of different artists. He studied Modern Languages at The University of London (with further studies at Universities in California, Brazil, Bolivia and Cuba). He has subsequently lived and worked teaching in schools and Universities in Brazil, Colombia, and Thailand. He speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. He has edited and translated a variety of books.


Zool grew up in the south of Thailand and speaks two local languages: Malay and Thai. He studied for a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology in Bangkok. There he worked as a computer programmer for a year before moving to Phuket where he worked as IT assistant at a 5 Star Hotel in Patong for eight years. Finally, he began working as a computer laboratory technician for Universities. It was at one such University that he joined the Jack & John project!

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