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The Jack and John Workbook

The Jack & John team is very proud to announce the launch of our PDF Activity Workbook. Once you make a purchase on our secure website, you will automatically be sent an email with the PDF file plus a secret link which enables you to access the complete set of six Season One videos on Dropbox. Simply go to Dropbox, sign up for a free account and view the HD videos as much as you want.

The Workbook is divided into six chapters: one for each chapter of Jack & John: Season One. Each chapter is carefully designed to prepare learners with background knowledge, cultural references and vocabulary. The Workbook allows you to interact while you play the videos, and reflect on your newly acquired understanding with creative exercises after completing each episode. A fully detailed script is included at the end of the chapter. Every page is thoughtfully and colorfully crafted to engage the learner in a fun and fulfilling way: just like learning English should be!


  • The 100 page Jack & John PDF Online Workbook has a chapter corresponding to each individual ‘Jack & John’ video episode.
  • Each chapter has been carefully designed to prepare learners with the necessary background knowledge, vocabulary and cultural references in order to maximize the enjoyment and learning experience of the mini video stories.


  • Each purchase of the Jack & John Workbook includes a free 1080 HD download of the complete Season 1 video, a Teacher’s Manual with all answers and assessment tests as well.

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